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Washington State DUI Attorney Reviews

B.M. Recommends Kevin Trombold DUI Defense Attorney

“My husband was pulled over for a DUI when I was 4 months pregnant. Our first child was due in 5 months and we had no idea what all of this meant for us. My friend, a public defender in Seattle, highly recommended Kevin, saying that he was well-respected by both prosecutors and defense attorneys and knows the DUI world very well. A complicating factor was that my husband is a green card holder and English is his second language. So, not only was Kevin dealing with a highly hormonal pregnant woman, but he had to work with someone who was both unfamiliar with the US legal system and had only a 80% grasp of the language. Kevin made sure to consult with an immigration attorney regarding any pleas/charges so that my husband’s future application for citizenship wouldn’t be jeopardized. Three days before my due date, my husband stood up in front of the judge and pleaded to a lesser charge, negligent driving to the 1st degree. It was a scary rollercoaster, but Kevin and his paralegal, Sharon, were amazing and kept us informed and worked incredibly hard on my husband’s case. We both felt very respected during the entire process.”

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While my traffic case was minor, I didn't want to go it alone. My friend recommended Kevin to me. From the first phone conversation til it was resolved, Kevin and his team were pure perfection! This is the team you want on your side. Period. - K.M.