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Washington DUI Case Results

Colin's Lynwood DUI Case Result (City of Lynnwood v. Colin)

Outcome:  Lynnwood .14 DUI reduced to Negligent Driving in the First Degree - No Jail.

Description:  According to the police report, Colin was driving 30-35 mph in a 45 mph zone, drifting toward the inside lane divider,  and both driver side tires crossed over the “raised turtles” before quickly correcting back to the center thru-lane.  Colin continued to drift within his lane.  The officer could smell faint odor of intoxicants from Colin and as he explained to Colin he was stopped because of failure to maintain his lane of travel. The officer asked Colin  if he had been drinking, and he admitted that he had been drinking but said he  lived just down the street, and asked to drive to his house.  He said he would park his car on the side of the road and walk home if the officer did not want him driving.  The officer noticed that Colin's driver's license showed he lived in Shoreline, but they were currently in Lynnwood. The officer stated this to Colin, and said they were nowhere near his home.   Colin  thought for a second, and as he was responding the car began to creep forward as Colin removed his foot from the brake.  The officer asked him to put it in park, he complied.  Colin maintained that he believed his house was only a few blocks away.  The officer asked Colin  how much he had to drink, and he stated, “three, or four, or five."  Colin was polite during interaction, and several times said he was “ashamed” and “This isn't me."  Colin  also mentioned he had a young old son and didn't know what to tell him.

During the Field Sobriety Tests  HGN - was found but specifically  nystagmus at 45 degrees in left eye only; For the Walk and Turn Test  Colin began before he was instructed to do so twice,  lost his balance, and  raised arms slightly for balance.  During the One Leg Stand Colin started test early twice and D raised both arms for balance.  Colin was taken to the Lynnwood precinct where a breath test result generated a .144 and a .141.  Colin was charged with DUI. Through effective negotiations with were able to get the case reduced with no jail.

Lynnwood .14 DUI reduced with no jail

---The names have been changed to protect the innocent.  We choose a fictitious name to represent a real person.

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