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Washington DUI Case Results

Moses' Story (City of Seattle v. Moses)

Outcome: Reduced to Negligent Driving in the First Degree.

Description: Client arrested and charged with aggravated DUI after hitting parked car and high centering vehicle on the median. Evidentiary breath test results were 194/.189.

Driving:  Moses was travelling SB on 18 Ave when he failed to turn around the center median barrier.  Moses drove up over the barrier, destroying a reflector sign on the middle of it and severely damaged the front of his car.

Contact: Clothes orderly, used, slightly wrinkled. Calm, watery and bloodshot eyes, normal pupils, obvious odor, speech normal. Moses was standing outside of his driver's door, walking back and forth when the officer arrived.

SFTS: paved, level, dark, streetlights.

Coordination: poor, fumbled driver's license.

A Huge Reduction in My Seattle DUI Case!


---The names have been changed to protect the innocent.  We choose a fictitious name and photo to represent a real person.

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