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“Blair Russ is a fighter!!! How can i even attempt to begin describing my experience with Blair. There are simply not enough words to fully depict how phenomenal, bright, and shrewed the young man truly is; so I will use one – fighter! Blair Russ is a fighter! Regardless of how brave, confident or tough you are, when facing criminal charges, it is impossible to shake that feeling of despair, panic and genuine torment, that clings to the back of your conscious, parylizing you every day, hour, moment of your daily life. Having Blair on your side is like a much awaited cure, returning your mind and spirit back to normal and feeling safe. What Blair has, that most other attourney don’t or have lost, is genuine passion, aggressive approach, and your true best interest at hand; not just some bleak attempt at a quick closure, plea bargain and a quick payday. I have worked with MANY lawyers before and I have NEVER seeing anyone portray such astonishing, and truly mind-blowing aptitude for reasoning and logic. I am convinced that is why Blair doesn’t lose. When we went over the case, when Blair outlined his strategy and key arguments for the prosecution, I was simply speechless and remember thinking ‘how could anyone have even thought of something like that, not to mention masterfully craft it into an argument? Blair’s logic is prodigious, his creativity is miraculous, and his perseverance is unparallel. Blair is everything that a great lawyer should be."

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While my traffic case was minor, I didn't want to go it alone. My friend recommended Kevin to me. From the first phone conversation til it was resolved, Kevin and his team were pure perfection! This is the team you want on your side. Period. - K.M.