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Washington DUI Case Results

Dawn's Washington DUI Refusal Case Result (State of Washington v. Dawn)

Outcome: Washington State Patrol "Refusal" DUI reduced to Negligent Driving 1 with no jail time.

Description: Dawn, a resident of Florida was in Seattle, Washington on a summer internship with a large international high tech company.  Neither she nor her friends knew where they were going when Dawn was driving her fellow intern home.   They followed the guidance of a GPS navigator which caused her drive in a distracted manner.  Her lane travel on Interstate 90 drew the attention of a Washington State Patrol Trooper who stopped her for speeding slightly over the limit and lane travel.

Dawn handled the contact with the Trooper fairly well but did not perform the field tests well.  Once arrested and taken to the station she saw the breath test machine and refused to give a breath sample declaring that it was so old it couldn't possible work accurately.  She did not disagree that it would produce a reading but accuracy was another thing entirely she said.

She had to make two trips up from Florida before we were able to overcome the prosecutors difficult position that refusal cases shall not be negotiated.  She has since taken a job in another state and is on her way to a successful career.

Washington State Patrol "Refusal" DUI reduced to Negligent Driving with no jail time

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