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Washington State DUI Attorney Reviews

Eric Recommends Kevin Trombold DUI Defense Attorney

“An amazing DUI attorney! After receiving my first DUI I was mortified. I had never been in any trouble before and had no idea how the system worked. I was referred to Kevin by a good friend of mine who had received his first DUI about a year prior. My friend works as a paralegal in Seattle, so I trusted his judgement, and went to see Kevin. After the consult, I felt very comfortable with him. He walked me through the entire process and explained it in depth. He took care of my DOL hearing without me needing to be present. He got my DUI dropped to a reckless driving, and for that I am quite thankful. If I had one area he could improve on, it would be keeping me in the loop through the entire process. I understand he is quite busy with many clients and does a ton of the deep work that helps his clients and many other lawyers clients get reductions in their charges. Being a pioneer of sorts. However, whenever I felt out of the loop, a quick phone call to either him or his assistant put my mind at ease. In summation I refer everyone I know who s going through a DUI to Kevin. He is a very talented an compassionate lawyer. God forbid I am ever in that situation again, I will most certainly come back to Kevin.”

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While my traffic case was minor, I didn't want to go it alone. My friend recommended Kevin to me. From the first phone conversation til it was resolved, Kevin and his team were pure perfection! This is the team you want on your side. Period. - K.M.