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Ignition Interlock Devices in Washington State DUI Cases

What is an Ignition Interlock Device?

An ignition interlock device (IID) is a small breath testing device that is wired to your vehicle's ignition system. The IID will prevent your vehicle from starting if you have had too much to drink – in order to start your vehicle, you have to blow into a breath test tube, if you blow over a certain level, the IID will prevent your vehicle from starting.

Who do I call for an Ignition Interlock Device?

There are multiple agencies in the greater Seattle area and all of Washington that provide Ignition Interlock Devices. It is important to shop around to see who will provide you the best price and the best service. We also suggest reading client reviews of the IID provider. For a list of IID providers, please see below:

Intoxalock                                         888-283-5899

LifeSaver                                           800-328-9890

Smart Start                                        800-880-3394


Aren't Ignition Interlock Device's really expensive?

IID's can be expensive, that is why we recommend shopping around for the best price. Our office has heard great reviews of Affordable Ignition Interlock (for both price and service)

Can anything other than alcohol (like beer, liquor, wine) cause a positive reading on the IID?

Yes, although some companies will tell you differently, the IID can detect alcohol that is in hairsprays, colognes, perfumes, after-shave and even mouthwash. It is probably best to not use any product with alcohol as an ingredient when you know you need to blow into your IID. Some products to stay away from right before using the IID: mouth wash, hair spray, cologne, perfume, mouth spray (like binaca, Listerine), Listerine strips, and Kombucha drinks (there is a trace amount of alcohol in Kombucha due to the fermentation process).

What if I do use mouthwash with alcohol in it?

You should consider switching to a nonalcoholic mouthwash during the time you have the IID installed in your vehicle. Most mouthwash brands have started producing nonalcoholic rinses, so this product is easy to find.

Can I rinse my mouth with water before blowing into my IID?

Yes, some IID providers suggest that you do this before every test. Rinsing your mouth with water will help remove alcohol levels from mouthwashes and mouth sprays.

Can I bypass the IID and start my car?

No, the point of the IID is to make sure you have not consumed alcohol. So you must test before starting your vehicle.

I've heard horror stories of cars shutting down because someone has failed a rolling test, what if this happens to me?

Most IID providers use IID's that do not shut down your vehicle if you have failed a rolling test. The IID will record that you failed the rolling test, but you should check with your provider if you are concerned.

IID statutes:

RCW 46.04.215 - Ignition interlock device defined.

RCW 46.20.710 - Washington State Legislative findings regarding Ignition Interlocks.

RCW 46.20.740 - Crime of No Ignition Interlock;  Notation on driver's license; Penalty.

RCW 46.20.750 - Crime of Circumventing Ignition interlocks;  Assisting another in starting or operating; Penalty.

RCW 46.37.005 - Washington State patrol; Additional powers and duties.

Washington Administrative Code 204-50 - Ignition Interlock Breath Alcohol Device Guidelines for Providers.

SMART START: Free Installation, Free Removal

Monthly Costs:

$65.00/month for Lease

$20.00/month DOL Fee

$5.00/month WSP Fee


INTERLOCK NW:  $80.00 Installation Fee

Monthly Costs:

$84.95/month for Lease

$20.00/month DOL Fee

$5.00/month WSP Fee

$109.95/month Total

GUARDIAN INTERLOCK: Installation fee is usually $10.00, but with some newer vehicles, the installation fee could be up to $75.00

Monthly Costs:

$78.84/ month for Lease

$20.00/month DOL Fee

$5.00/month WSP Fee

$103.84/month Total

LIFESAFER: $10.00 Installation Fee

Monthly Costs:

$67.50/month for Lease

$20.00/month DOL Fee

$5.00/month WSP Fee

$92.50/month Total

AUTOSAFE: $95.00 Installation Fee (if one year or less)and $95.00 Removal Fee

Monthly Costs:

$89.95/month for Lease

$20.00/month DOL Fee

$5.00/month WSP Fee

$7.00/month Insurance (unless otherwise covered)

$121.95/month Total

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