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Indiana Introduces Random Breathalyzer Testing. Washington?

Posted by Kevin Trombold DUI Defense Attorney | Sep 25, 2014 | 0 Comments

The Original Breathalyzer Introduced in Indiana Used in Washington
It seems like the vendetta against suspected drunk drivers never ends. There's always a new law, policy, or penalty that purports to "improve public safety" at the expense of people who drink and drive. One of the latest tools has been introduced in Indiana: random portable breathalyzer testing.  And how appropriate that it arrives in Indiana, which first introduced the original Breathalyzer in 1954.

Marion County (home to Indianapolis) has implemented a program called RADAR, which utilizes a handheld breathalyzer device that is assigned to people in the program. The device is tagged with GPS tracking technology, and it vibrates when a signal is sent to it by law enforcement. Whenever the RADAR device vibrates, the user must blow into it to have his or her breath alcohol level measured. The device employs breath prints, pulse waves, and a pair of biometric markers to ensure that no one else is taking the test for the user. Presumably, the user faces severe consequences if he or she misses or fails one of these random breathalyzer tests.

RADAR is used for DUI offenders as well as suspected drunk drivers as a condition of their pre-trial release. Some individuals are subjected to up to eight tests per day as part of the program, and all of them are forced to pay up to $12 a day in fees. RADAR is being lauded by both suspects and judges alike.

The most worrisome aspect of RADAR in Marion County is that these devices are often being assigned to people who haven't been convicted of impaired driving. Therefore, these suspects are dealing with infringements on their freedom even though they have not yet been to trial. There's no word on whether this technology will be coming to Washington anytime soon. But it wouldn't be surprising to see these devices appearing in some jurisdictions by the end of the decade - some will be out for the profit.

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