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Washington DUI Case Results

Jason's Story (City of Burien v. Jason)

Outcome: Burien Assault and Criminal Trespass charges DISMISSED

Description:  Jason found us at the courthouse, while we were there representing another person.  He approached us and asked for an appointment.  The outrage and disbelief that he was actually being charged with a crime was readily apparent from his face.

After meeting with him at the office we learned that he was being charged with criminal trespass and assault, likely to cover up for the store staff's assault on him.    Jason felt that his public defender was not listening to him, and was dismissing his side of the story.

We took up his cause and showed the prosecutor that he was the true victim; that infact he had been assaulted.  The case was dismissed outright after our investigation, in which we obtained security camera evidence showing that Jason had been assaulted.

Burien Assault and Criminal Trespass charges dismissed

---The names have been changed to protect the innocent and the accused.  We choose a fictitious name and photograph to represent a real person and their story.

Practice area(s): Criminal Defense

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