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Renton Muncipal Court

Renton Municipal Court

1055 South Grady WayRenton, Washington 98057

Facing a DUI charge in Renton Municipal Court can be the scariest thing to happen to a person.  We offer a free one hour consultation with an attorney because we want to hear about your case and we want to help you understand how we will navigate the experience and fight the charge.

First let us explain a little about the process that is now happening.  First, there are two cases coming at you - a civil case and a criminal case.  The civil case is brought by the Department of Licensing and the criminal case is brought by the Renton prosecutors.

Judge Terry Jurado

Judge Terry Jurado

Here's what he said in a local election ballot about himself:

It has been my honor to serve as Judge of the Renton Municipal Court since January 1999. After being appointed judge I moved into the City of Renton. Living and working in Renton has been an incredibly rewarding experience. As the judge of the municipal court, I have daily contact with the citizens of this city as well as the surrounding community. I have endeavored to ensure all parties who appear before the court are treated with respect and have an opportunity to be heard. With your support I will continue to ensure that the Renton Municipal Court is a place where citizens can be confident of receiving a fair and timely resolution of their case.

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While my traffic case was minor, I didn't want to go it alone. My friend recommended Kevin to me. From the first phone conversation til it was resolved, Kevin and his team were pure perfection! This is the team you want on your side. Period. - K.M.