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Washington DUI Case Results

Robi's Lynnwood DUI Case Result (City of Lynnwood v. Robi)

Outcome:  Third DUI  reduced to Reckless Driving with thirty days of home monitoring

Description:  Robi was out with friends having a good time.

Officer Mellema was patrolling on foot, and heard a loud clunking sound that was continuous. The Officer observed a vehicle driving with the right front passenger side tire flat.  He entered a patrol vehicle and followed Robi and stopped her

The Officer observed mood swings, that she was argumentative, had poor coordination, fumbled for her drivers license but had orderly clothes.  She had watery and bloodshot eyes, a face flushed, and a strong and obvious odor of intoxicants, and slurred speech.

Officer Mellema approached Robi and informed her why she was stopped.  She did not react to him, and continued to look ahead.  The Officer asked again for her license, and observed her eyes to be watery and bloodshot, and could smell odor of intoxicants. The Officer observed Robi's painted on whiskers and that she was dressed like a cat.  It was Halloween.

The Officer then advised Robi that  she had a right to counsel, to which she replied,”what?”  He advised her of her right to counsel again, and she said, “whatever,” and he noted her speech was slurred.  He asked again for her license and insurance, and Robi dropped several items and cards but was not able to find her license, and was unable to provide her insurance.  He asked Robi how much she had to drink, and she replied nothing.  The Officer asked her to exit the vehicle, and Robi replied no. He then told her to exit the vehicle and she did, but swayed 2 inches in all directions. She declined FST and was arrested.

At the station, Robi was argumentative and sobbing with massive mood swings, and was uncooperative.   After taking the breath test, she said, “I knew I should not have blown into that machine.”  The Officer noted Robi provided a breath sample of .186/.187

Third Offense DUI Reduced

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