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Washington DUI Case Results

Semine's Washington State DUI Case Result (State of Washington v. Semine)

Outcomes: Washington State Patrol Target Zero DUI arrest reduced to Reckless Driving with no jail time.

Description:  Semine had been enjoying an evening with friends over several glasses of wine.

Semine was straddling between two lanes of travel, and then came to an abrupt stop in the middle of the red traffic light intersection.  When the light turned green, Semine continued, still straddling the line.  When the Trooper initiated a traffic stop, Semine drove up and over the curb before coming to a complete stop.

Upon contact, the Trooper smelled medium odor of intoxicants,  which he recognized to be the odor of an intoxicating beverage emitting from the vehicle. The Trooper also listed her eyes as bloodshot and watery, face was flushed, and Semine's speech appeared to be slurred and repetitive.

Officer advised Semine that he pulled her over for lane travel, and he noted that she fumbled for her license, registration and insurance when requested, and she was not able to provide insurance info.

As Semine was exiting vehicle she dropped an old insurance card and appeared to be unsteady as she bent over to pick it up.  After asking her to take FSTs, Semine stated that she only had a few drinks at a holiday event and did not believe her ability to drive was affected.

Semine refused the field sobriety tests.

As the Trooper attempted to place Semine in handcuffs, she straightened and tightened her left arm while verbally refusing to follow the instructions to put her hands behind her back.  The Trooper put Semine's let arm in a “goose neck come long” while instructing the her to put her hands behind her back.  Semine was still stiffening her arm and refusing to be taken into custody.  After telling her she didn't want to do this, she complied and the Trooper double locked handcuffs, and checked to ensure she had enough room.

on first two breath attempts the Trooper believed she was trying to circumvent the machine by blowing, stop blowing, and then continuing to blow• On third attempt the Trooper advised Semine that he would enter the process as a refusal.

Semine's breath test samples registered .12/.12.  She was prosecuted for DUI by the King County Prosecutors.  After lots of resistance by the prosecutors office they finally agreed to accept the many legal, factual, and social reasons that Semine's case should be reduced.

Semine is back to living her life with her husband and working in the job that she has loved for more than three decades.

Semine's Washington State DUI Was Reduced With No Jail

---The names have been changed to protect the innocent and the accused.  We choose a fictitious name and photo to represent a real person and their story.

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