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Seven rules to follow if stopped for a Washington State DUI

7 Rules of the Road – Guidelines to follow when pulled over for DUI

Its lawful to drink and drive up to a certain point.  Drinking at social gatherings is a normal activity.  For many businesses its a seasonal event.  Should you have too much fun with the mulled wine, spiced cider and other holiday goodies, it is important to know the Tromboldlaw's 7 Rules of the Road.

No one plans on getting pulled over for driving under the influence and it definitely comes as a surprise when you feel that you have been driving normally. There will be an emphasis on DUI patrol over every holiday season and they will be on the look out for the slightest indication that you may be driving under the influence.

If you find yourself being pulled over, below are 7 Rules of the Road – guidelines to follow when stopped by the police:

  1. Do give the officer your papers – drivers license, registration, and proof of insurance.
  2. Do submit to a breath or blood test, but only back at the station or the hospital.
  3. Do ask for a lawyer.
  4. Don't say anything. Be polite but decline comments.
  5. Don't perform any field sobriety tests – including the handheld portable breath tester.
  6. Don't consent to any searches.
  7. Do go to the hospital after your release for an independent and confidential blood or breath test of your blood alcohol level.

This information is designed only to provide general legal information about the criminal process.  This information is not legal advice addressing a client's specific legal concerns.  We need to speak with you to provide that.

Please call us or a reputable DUI criminal defense attorney.  We offer a free consultation.

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