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Washington DUI Case Results

Brenda's Washington State .13 DUI Case Result (State of Washington v. Brenda)

Outcome:  Washington State .13 DUI reduced to Negligent Driving First Degree with no jail and no license suspension.

Description:  Brenda, a very successful business person who is recognized as community leader of young adults, was driving a truck with her younger and more rowdy brother and his friends in the back open portion of the pickup.

She was stopped by the officer for a defective headlight and for not having a front license plate.  Brenda was observed to have watery bloodshot eyes and a flushed face.  Although she was very cooperative with the officer and performed all tests very well in her mind, he wrote her up as having failed the field sobriety tests.  Brenda was cuffed and taken to the Kirkland Police Precinct where she provided a breath sample in excess of the legal limit - .136 and .136.

The King County Prosecutors filed DUI charges.  We convinced the prosecutors to reduce the charges to a minor offense with no jail and no license suspension.

Washington State .13 DUI reduced with no jail time

---The names published here have been changed to protect the innocent.  We choose a fictitious name to represent a real person.

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