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Washington DUI Case Results

Susan's Washington State DUI Case Result (State of Washington v. Susan)

Outcome: Washington State DUI reduced to Negligent Driving in the First Degree - No Jail.

Description:  According to the Washington State Patrol troopers report, Susan, a highly trained local medical professional, who works every day towards helping others, slowed and stopped at stop light, but then proceeded through the intersection and solid red light.  Susan stopped at the crosswalk on the other side of the intersection.

When the trooper made contact with Susan she was cooperative, had fairly good coordination, was orderly, had bloodshot eyes, flushed face, an obvious odor, and fair speech.  The trooper smelled intoxicants in the car.  The trooper asked for her drivers license and Susan handed him her credit card.  The trooper asked her again, and she handed him her driver's license.  Susan's eyes were bloodshot and red.

Susan exited car and the trooper asked how much she had to drink.  Susan stated “I had one glass of wine with dinner”  The trooper asked her on a scale of 1 to 10 how impaired she was, and she stated 2.  The trooper asked Susan if she would to the roadside field sobriety tests.  After the Walk and Turn she stated “maybe I should call me husband.”  The trooper asked her why and she stated he was an attorney.  The trooper asked her if she wanted to finish the tests because she did not STATE THAT SHE WANTED AN ATTORNEY.  Susan said she would finish the tests, but then stated she was too nervous to do the one leg stand.  Susan was placed under arrest and then stated she wanted to call her husband.

Susan called husband at the University of Washington Police Department, which is on Boat Street.  The trooper asked if her husband had told her not to do anymore field sobriety tests or answer any questions, which she stated no.  The trooper stated he wouldn't ask her the 30 questions that they normally do ask from the arrest packet and she asked what the questions were.  The trooper read her the questions and she chose to answer them.  The breath test was administered with results of .097 and .098.

The King County Prosecutors office filed DUI charges against Susan seeking to lock her up for a minimum of a day and make sure she had a conviction on her record for the rest of her life.

Washington State DUI reduced with no jail

---The names have been changed to protect the innocent.  We choose a fictitious name to represent a real person.

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