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Where Will Washingtonians Smoke Marijuana? In Pot Clubs?

Posted by Kevin Trombold DUI Defense Attorney | Jul 19, 2013 | 0 Comments

Marijuana Clubs
Washington lawmakers are in the process of ironing out all of the regulations surrounding the measure which was passed last year that legalizes pot sales in the state. In fact, a public hearing on a draft of the rules is scheduled to be held next month. Officials are trying to figure out who can sell it, who can buy it, and how it will be taxed.

But there's not a huge focus on where marijuana will be allowed to be consumed. Many private and public spaces may outlaw pot use, and smoking is banned by statute in many more. And consuming pot in a car could get you busted for DUI (even if you aren't moving). So other than on private property, where will people legally consume marijuana?

The answer might lie in a novel idea: marijuana clubs.

Some establishments like Have a Heart in Seattle already allow medical marijuana patients to consumer their legally-prescribed pot. Instead of smoking the drug, the marijuana is vaporized, or heated to the point where its THC and other substances get transformed into vapor without being combusted. This process appears to circumvent anti-smoking ordinances in Seattle and across the state.

So naturally, some pot proponents are wondering if these "private clubs" will open their doors to recreational pot users once the laws are finalized. Unfortunately, there's not much case law in Washington that helps define what precisely constitutes a "private club." Nor is it clear whether officials will even enforce these laws consistently from locality to locality.

But once marijuana becomes available to the public in the state, users will probably congregate somewhere to consumer it together. Will these "hot spots" include private clubs? Only time will tell.

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