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WSU Student Body Vice-President, Pullman City Councilman... and DUI Suspect

Posted by Kevin Trombold DUI Defense Attorney | Feb 22, 2013 | 0 Comments

WSU Student Body Vice President Arrested For DUI
People may have a preconceived notion of those who are arrested for driving under the influence. They may picture a person who is a raging alcoholic with no redeeming qualities and low social standing. But in reality, DUI affects a diverse cross-section of individuals throughout the state of Washington. A perfect illustration of this fact can be seen in the case of Derrick Skaug.

Derrick is a senior at Washington State University. He is the student body vice-president at the Pullman campus. But he is also an at-large member of the Pullman City Council. And now, he is charged with driving under the influence.

Last month, Skaug was pulled over by a sheriff's deputy in Whitman County after taking a wide left turn. Skaug was reportedly slurring his speech and had admitted drinking earlier in the evening. He subsequently blew a .09 on two field breathalyzer tests, which is just above the legal limit in the state. Skaug now faces a pretrial hearing on March 1. Although his status on the Pullman City Council won't change, his position as WSU student body vice-president may be in jeopardy. On his Friends of Derrick Skaug's Facebook page,  there is a statement in which presumably "he"  said, "I want to express my remorse and apologies to my family, my school, and my community."  It further states:

I was stopped for making a wide turn last night by a Whitman County Sheriff, was arrested for investigation of DUI, cooperated with the police, and gave a breath test that showed results of .09. This is a very serious situation -- one in which I have not been before -- and I want to express my remorse and apologies to my family, my school, and my community. I appreciate both the hard work law enforcement does, as well as the professionalism the legal authorities have shown me in this process.

Safety and justice are two paramount values for me. I will ensure that I continue to hold these ideals close as I work through the judicial process in this matter. I have a great deal of faith in the justice system and I would hope the community can respect my privacy. I have been advised by counsel to refrain from any further comment because this is an ongoing case, but I will do everything in my power to continue to earn the trust the public has placed in me.

Keep in mind that Skaug, like anyone else arrested for DUI, is innocent until proven guilty. But it's safe to say that Skaug does not fit into a typical stereotype that is often associated with drunk drivers.

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